Dreumex Omnicare™ Dispenser

The versatile Dreumex Omnicare™ dispenser comes standard as shown. A wide variety of colors are available to make this dispenser fit perfectly into any restroom design. (Minimum order requirements apply.) Private labeling is also offered. (Minimum order requirements apply.) These custom options make the Dreumex Omnicare™ dispenser even more unique.

Stock Number 99999061036

Foam Soap

Dreumex Omnicare™ Foam Soap is formulated with Bag-on-Valve Instant Foam Technology™. Therefore, 0.2-mL is more than enough to clean hands thoroughly and hygienically (pH neutral).

Stock Number 91004001001  (6 pcs)

Antibacterial Foam Soap

Dreumex Omnicare™ Antibacterial Foam Soap is formulated with Bag-on-Valve Instant Foam Technology™ for circumstances where hand hygiene is paramount. Powerful antibacterial action helps control the growth of microorganisms and bacteria.

Stock Number 91204001001 (6 pcs)

Hand Sanitizer

Dreumex Omnicare™ Hand Sanitizer is perfect for disinfecting hands when soap and water aren’t readily available. Kills 99.9999% of bacteria. Thanks to the use of skin conditioners and nourishing ingredients, Dreumex Omnicare™ Hand Sanitizer does not dehydrate the skin. Suitable for frequent use.

Stock Number 91304001001  (6 pcs)

Protection Cream

Dreumex Omnicare™ Protection Cream is a protective barrier cream that should be applied to the hands before work. It forms a protective layer that makes it easier to cleanse the hands. Dreumex Omnicare™ Protection Cream also nourishes hands.

Stock Number 11904001005 (6 pcs)

Foam Hand Cleanser

Dreumex Omnicare™ Foam Hand Cleanser is a highly concentrated, extra powerful, foaming hand cleanser formulated with Bag-on-Valve Instant Foam Technology™. Effective for the removal of light-to-medium soils.


Article Number 91104001001  (6 pcs)

Reconditioning Cream

Dreumex Omnicare™ Reconditioning Cream is a restorative skin cream that should be applied to the hands after work. The cream keeps the hands healthy and supple while protecting against the harmful effects of working and weather conditions.

Stock Number 11804001005  (6 pcs)