Dreumex Omnicare’s revolutionary Bag-on-Valve Instant Foam Technology provides the lowest costs while it cleans
and cares for the hands under all circumstances. All in one system!


In today’s world, everyone has less and less time. Also when it comes to visiting the restroom. Research * shows that
only 77% of people wash their hands after using the toilet. That makes cross contamination the main cause of disease,
with all the associated consequences. Dreumex wondered why we often fail to wash our hands. Research* reveals that laziness, dirty soap, no soap at all or a faulty dispenser are common reasons. On the basis of this knowledge, Dreumex
developed the Dreumex Omnicare dispenser with Bag-on-Valve cartridges: a revolutionary system that negates
virtually all the reasons for not washing your hands.


Dreumex has already been an active and dominant presence worldwide for more than fifty years in the field of hand cleansing and hand care. It used this experience to develop this extremely efficient dispenser. Dreumex Omnicare brings ultimate efficiency to where it is most needed.


* Studies can be found Here

Lowest Costs

  • Lowest costs per hand wash

  • Up to 2,000 hand washes per cartridge

  • Each product has its own volume setting
    from 0.2 ml to 1.5 ml

  • Minimal packaging reduces storage space and transport costs



  • Easy Snap-in cartridges - ready to use

  • Long shelf life of cartridges

  • First set of batteries, tape and screws included

  • On/off, low battery and low soap indicator


  • Touch Free sensor delivers the precise
    amount of soap every time

  • Up to 6 x more concentrated Foam Soap

  • One dispenser for all products

  • New nozzle and valve with every



  • No waste - Cartridge empties 100%

  • Minimal preservatives required

  • Cartridge is fully recyclable

  • Light sensor minimizes energy consumption